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Staining and Finishing for Hardwood Floors

Want to change your hardwood floor’s color to make it match your home decor or create a special design?Staining your floor is the way to go. Choose the color of your dreams among Parquet Lépine’s wide selection of stains and finishes. We offer modern, sophisticated,and natural products that suit all tastes and budgets. Contact us to find the best product for your property’s hardwood floors.

Floor Staining: Trust the Experts

At Parquet Lépine, you can get valuable advice about types of hardwood floor stains and finishes.We rely on our years of experience to help you select an excellent product that will match your expectations. Thanks to our personalized customer service,we have been leading the hardwood floor staining market for over 30 years.

What Type of Stain Should You Use?

For impeccable results, we use stains engineered and made in Quebec by Entrepôt du Plancher Laval. Their house brand collection offers a wide range of colors for every taste. We also recommend Bona brand stains available in 28 colors. Whether you choose one brand or the other, our top-quality products are guaranteed to provide a durable and resistant finishing.

How to Stain a Hardwood Floor?

Before your floor gets stained, it is essential to ensure it gets a perfect sanding and finishing. The wood must have no dents or marks from sanding. That is why we use a 100 grit floor sander for the finishing, followed by a multi action 100 grit orbital polisher to ensure wood grain and color evenness. We thoroughly sand all nooks and crannies to get rid of marks and even out the floor perfectly. Finally, we cover the surface in methanol to raise the grain and allow for smooth staining. And at last, we apply the stain in a single even layer.

Your stairs need staining?

If you want the color of your stairs to match your hardwood floor, our team can help. Please note that in some cases, we can dye only the top of the steps, as some more recent stairs have wood veneer risers. Wood veneer makes it nearly impossible to achieve a good sanding, remove the varnish, and allow for good staining. Therefore, we can dye the risers only if your stairs are brand new or made of solid wood.

Floor Finishes

At Parquet Lépine, we use superior quality varnishes that have proven their worth. Upon request, we can even oil your hardwood floors for an ultra matte effect. Whatever style you are looking for, feel free to get advice from our floor finishing experts. We will be happy to help!

Check Out Popular Stains Varnishes

  • Cristal varnish: Cristal is an urethane-based, glossy varnish. Because it is a water-reactive product, it dries thanks to humidity. This product is famous for its durability, but also for its smell.  Cristal varnish is often found in apartment buildings because of its resilience.  It is important to note that the new version of this product is as performant as the old.  However, the new Cristal is compliant with the latest governmentalnorms relative to chemical contaminants. If you choose this varnish, you must remove all food from your kitchen to avoid exposure.  Please note that this product is difficult to use on old floors.
  • BonaMega water-based varnish: For an odorless and fast-drying varnish, you can not go wrong with Bona products. BonaMegavarnishes stand the test of time and offer remarkable durability. We offer a choice of three finishes: silk gloss, semi gloss and extra matte. Please note that with this product, there is no need to remove all food from your kitchen.  You can even safely return homeshorlty after the varnishing is over.
  • Bona Traffic HD water-based varnish: Bona Traffic HD combines the advantages of aluminium oxide technology and water-based varnishes. This water-based polyurethane product has anti-yellowing properties and offers outstanding durability. It is specifically conceived for protecting floors in commercial properties and heavy traffic areas. Bona Traffic HD iseasy to apply,has minimal odor anddries quickly.  It also offers great resistance to wear, scratches, scrapes, and stains.

Want to get your floor dyed?

We work hard to offer you excellent professional advice.Our hardwood floor experts travel to your home to evaluate the state of the wood, the exact square footage and required amount of products. This way, we can provide you with a fully detailedquote that reflects your wishes.