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Floor Installation in Montreal and Surrounding Areas

You trust no one but the experts for installing hardwood floors in your residential or commercial property? At Parquet Lépine, we guarantee state-of-the-art parquet floor installations. Our team ensures that your new hardwood floors are durable and resistant, thanks to our extensive expertise in floor installations. For over 30 years, we have been offering personalized services for top-quality results.

Installing Your Hardwood Floor: a Step-by-Step Guide

  • Preparing your floor:We get the existing surface ready. If your old flooris made with linoleum, carpet, or other materials, we will remove them in a manner consistent with the best industry practices. We will then clean the area to ensure safe and clean work.  Please note that we do not sell hardwood floorboards.  Instead, we will be pleased to refer you to an excellent supplier.
  • Installing your new hardwood floor:Before we start installing the floor, we ensure that conditions are perfect. We confirm that the humidity inside the property is between 37 and 45%.  The temperature must be between 19 and 21 degrees.  The veneer’s humiditymust be no higher than 12%.  For hardwood boards, humidity must be between 6 and 9%.  If one chose to ignore these guidelines, they could end up with floorboards that warp in the summer and shrink in the winter, leaving behind cracks. When all the factors align, we proceed with the floor installation with great care, working thoroughly and quickly. When required, we are able to work with parquet floors suitable for installation directly on concrete or plywood.
  • Ensuring quality control: It is recommended to wait 1 to 2 weeks after the floor has been installed before doing the sanding. The new hardwood boards will have time to set properly and will remain more stable during the next steps.
  • Sanding the new hardwood floor:Our professional team then proceeds with the sanding and varnishing. We use an ultramodern technique known as dust-free sanding, which allows us to minimize virtually all particle emissions. This technique keeps your floor cleanas our team applies a perfectly even layer of varnish or dye. It also makes post-installation cleaning a breeze!

After Sale Service

We care a lot about your projects, be it floor repair, floor installation, or sanding. For this reason, we like to keep in touch after we have done our job. If you have a question, we are here for you.We will even travel to your property to answer it. For over 30 years, your satisfaction has been at the top of our priorities.

Why Choose Parquet Lépine ?

  • Courteous service
  • Detail-oriented expert team
  • Well-executed, durable, and quick work
  • Insurance-covered and guaranteed
  • 30 years of experience
  • Personalized advice
  • Family business

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