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Hardwood Floor Repairs

Is your hardwood floor damaged from daily use? Thanks to Parquet Lépine’s repair service, you can get your floor shining in no time. Choose this eco-friendly, durable solution that saves you time and money. For over 30 years, our family business have developed ever-growing expertise in residential and commercial floor restorations. Give us a call for a quick service and a job well done.

When Can You Fix a Hardwood Floor?

  • After renovating or addingan extension to your home
  • When wood is damaged by animal urine or water
  • To fix a damaged corner
  • To cover up normal wear
  • Aftersustainingwater damage

What Types of Repairs Are Available?

  • Fixing floorboards:Thanks to our expertise and equipment, we can mix boards around to get them aligned. The result is highly aesthetical –you will barely notice the repair!
  • Fixing floor gaps:If your floor has holes or gaps from an old division, we can fill them in by adding a board of the right dimensions.
  • Replacing stained boards:Does your hardwood floor have stains that will not come off, no matter how hard you clean? It is possible to carry out repairs in a very specific area. Thanks to our extensive expertise, we can fix one or several boards without damaging the rest of your floor.  This way, you save money and avoid replacing the entire floor.
  • Fixing parquet floors:We can fix a variety of parquet floors, including condo floors installed over soundproofing membranes, cork, or plywood. Sometimes, over the years the glue dries out, and parquet floorboards start detaching. Regular parquet glue is also extremely sensitive to water and can loose its strength even after minimal water damage.  Parquet Lépine has developed outstanding expertise in fixing and regluing parquet floorings in both commercial and residential properties.

Floor Repairs According to Parquet Lépine

Fixing hardwood floors is a professional business that should be left to specialists. Only the most accomplished experts have sufficient knowledge and experience to get the job done without causing extra damage. At Parquet Lépine, we have the expertise to fix your floor without having to redo or replace it altogether. Thanks to our high craftsmanshipstandards,we bring you a job done skillfully and compliant with industry standards. If you need to renovate or repair your hardwood floor, contact us to get:

  • A detailed and transparent quote adapted to your needs
  • Quick, state-of-the-art repairs carried out by experts
  • Exemplary after-Fsale customer service
  • Guaranteedwork

Need a quote ?

Every hardwood floor repair case is special. Before we give you an estimate, we like to visit your property to assess the situation and to come up with a personalized quote that reflects your needs.