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Floor Sanding

Update your hardwood floors with our guarantee-covered sanding service. Invest in sanding your damaged or worn-out floor and give it a well-deserved face-lift without having to change it. Our hardwood floor experts use the latest technologies, tools, and varnishes to ensure long-lasting and superior results. Ask us about our services, materials, choices of varnish and guarantees.

Dust-Free Floor Sanding

At Parquet Lépine, we perform dust-free sanding services. Our ultramodern equipmentcreates a sealed sanding environment and reduces particle emissions by 95%. No more deep cleaning after the workers have left! The final result is pristine:no leftover particles get in the way of applying the varnish. You get a perfect floor in 5 easy steps:

  • We set up our tools
  • We sand your hardwood floor
  • We vacuum
  • We apply a top-quality sealant
  • We apply the varnish

Why Sand Your Floor?

Want to preserve the hallmark glow of your hardwood floors?You will find it worth investing in a professional sanding service.  Qualified experts sand, varnish, fix and dye your floors without damaging the wood.  Results are guaranteed and covered by insurance.

  • Freshen up your yellowish varnish or fix your worn-out floor:Hardwood floors get damaged over time and lose their initial glow. Thanks to a good sanding, you can replace the old varnish or even restore your damaged floor.
  • Give your space some love before renting it out:Get ahead of the rental market by upgrading your property’s hardwood floors. Make your for-rent apartment, duplex, ormultiplex moreappealing to potential tenantsthanks to an outstanding floor treatment.
  • Boost your property’s value before you sell:Invest in sanding your floor and watch your property’s value grow. Buyers appreciate the look of a brand-new floor treatment, not the scratches and stains on your old wood boards.
  • Get your hardwood floor the glow it deserves:Want to see a change?Upgrade your house’s personality by changing the color of your hardwood floors. A fresh start is easier than you think!
  • Replace your old carpet with a hardwood floor:Is your old ugly carpet concealing the beauty of hardwood boards? Our team of experts can give your home the treatment it deserves with a simple sanding and polishing.
  • Get rid of that tar stain:If your hardwood kitchen floor has tar stains, we can help. Dust-free floor sanding may be the perfect solution to make your floor beautiful again. Please note that tar stains on the wood may hide water or oil stains from a long-gone furnace.

Why trust Parquet Lépine with sanding your floor?

For 30 years, we have perfected our sanding techniques in order to offer you the best service and an impeccable result. Like all our loyal customers, you get quality craftsmanship: no dust in your home, an even floor with no gaps, a perfect coat of varnish, and guaranteed work. In addition, you will benefit from a wide selection of varnishes and an unrivaled after-sales service.

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