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We use machines that are meticulously maintained to fulfill the goals and exceed your expectations. Our experts are always looking for new methods and tools to facilitate sanding and to get the best results possible. Whether you have a kitchen with tar stains or simply want to redo the look of your living room, we can help.

If you have a kitchen and that you discovered has a hardwood floor underneath and this it is covered with tar, know that it is possible to sand it. You must remove as much tar as possible and make sure that there are no screws or nails left behind. Note that sometimes there are small surprises hidden under the tar, as the wood could be stained by water or oil from an old oil furnace.

If you have carpet that hides a hardwood floor, you can remove it and we can freshen up your floor. You must remove as much screws and nails as possible to prevent damage to our machines.


We use several kinds of varnish that you find in our section entitled Products. We can also use oil on the floors giving the floor an ultra-matte look.


Teinture Parquet Lépine

If you want to give color to your floor, we have all of what you need.

We only use the PM floor varnish, because it suits our needs the best. You can choose between the epoxy or latex based varnish by Saman. In the both cases, you have an endless choice of colors. You must go to the store in Pointe-aux-Trembles to make your choice. If you have a specific color that you want to copy, simply give them a sample of what you want and they will produce it. We have a preference to work with an epoxy varnish because it penetrates better than latex varnishes, yet it has a very strong odor. Yet, for an odorless work, Saman varnish is for you.

Teinture Parquet Lépine

Varnishing a floor requires special sanding. It is very important to leave no traces and residues of sanding debris. We finish the floors with 100grit sanding paper and then use a polisher with a 100 & 150grit sanding paper. Then we go back with an orbital polisher and with 80 or 100grit sanding paper to make sure that the color will be applied equally. We also need to sand all the corners with an orbital sander to properly remove any traces of sanding and to mix the grain of the wood uniformly. Then the wood is soaked with methanol to minimize the appearance of the natural grain, to ensure that the varnish will be applied more equally. Staining requires only a single application. A second layer is unnecessary, because the wood absorbs what it has to absorb in the first application.

We can also stain your stairs. One of the more common techniques it to apply varnish only on the top of the step because most of the recent staircases have risers and stringboards are made with a thin wood veneer. It is difficult to sand the risers to remove all the varnish so that the stain can penetrate well. If your house is an old house with solid wood staircases, or the stairs are high quality and brand new, we can varnish the whole staircase, otherwise, we will only work the top of the stair.

For a quote for varnished floors, a visit from our professionals is required for a customized and detailed understanding of your needs.


Réparations Parquet Lépine

There are several reasons that you may require a floor repair. If you remove some of the divisions in a room, if the wood was blackened due to animal urine or water, or simply because you have made changes to your house, several options are available for your floor repair, depending on how the floor was initially installed.

For floor wooden slats, we can interlink the slats so that the repair will hardly be noticeable when we line them up on each side. In the case of an old division, we can also put a wide board to fill the void. For stained pièce of wood, it is possible to change one or more boards in the middle of the floor without damaging adjacent boards.

We also repair parquetry, whether it is in condos with a soundproofing membrane, a home with a cork membrane or just on a sheet of plywood. Sometimes parquetry flooring tends to lift off after several years because the glue is too dry. This glue also tends to be very sensitive to water and can wear out even with a very small water damage.

For a quote for repairs, a visit from our professionals is required for a customized and detailed understanding of your needs.


We also install hardwood in its pre-finished and raw state. We do not sell hardwood but can refer you to specialist that keeps the wood at the right temperature and with adequate moisture. In some big retail stores, the optimum storage conditions are not met. Please be careful where you buy your hardwood flooring as keep in mind its origin.

For installation of hardwood flooring, there are certain conditions such as temperature and humidity that need to be respected. The moisture in the house must be between 37% and 45% and the temperature between 19 and 21 degrees Celsius. The plywood should have a 12% maximum humidity. The hardwood must have between 6% and 9% humidity. If these conditions are not met, you may have boards that swell during summer and shrink and have cracks between each board during the winter. It is very important to keep humidity and temperature stable throughout the year. It is recommended to wait 1 to 2 weeks after installing a hardwood floor to give it time to set well therefore the boards will remain more stable after sanding.

We also install parquetry flooring which we can install directly on concrete.

We do not install laminate flooring as well as engineered flooring because we do not believe in the durability of these products.

We also remove old carpets, old floors, linoleum, etc