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The new Crystal is very similar to the previous one, except that it complies with new government standards. It still has a strong odor and is still considered the most resistant varnish on the market. It is water-reactive, which means it will dry with the ambient moisture. This varnish is widely used in apartments, because of its resistance to wear. It is only available in a gloss finish. During its application, you should make sure to clear your kitchen of all food. It is also one of the most difficult varnishes to work with on old floorings.

Bona Mega Water-based varnish

If you rather the work be done with a varnish without the harsh smell, the solution is Bona. The Bona Mega is available in semi-gloss, matte and extra-matte. You do not have to empty your kitchen of all food; you can even stay at home after the varnish application. This varnish dries in 3 hours. It has good wear resistance and is resistant to yellowing.

Bona Traffic HD Water-based varnish

Bona Traffid HD combines the superior performance of the technology of aluminum oxide to a form of water-based varnish. It is a compound of polyurethane and water-based varnish with an anti-yellowing agent offering the ultimate resistance in durability. It is specially developed to protect commercial and residential areas with intense traffic. Bona Traffic HD is a low odor product, easy to apply and dries quickly, while providing optimum resistance to wear, scratches, marks and stains.

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